How to Build Successful Software: From UX/UI Design To Agile Methodologies.

Learn how to avoid project failure and discover the importance UX/UI and agile methodologies have on the success of software development projects!

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1. Facts and Figures

    Why do software and IT projects fail?
  • Chapter 2. The importance of Planning

    From Creating the MVP to the Application’s Release and Beyond.
  • Chapter 3. Keep it Small.

    Small Projects Provide Huge Benefits
  • Chapter 4. User experience.

    Understanding Your User.
  • Chapter 5. Software development Process and Project Management

    The Engines that Drive Development.
  • Chapter 6. Hourly rate vs fixed bid

    Get the Most Bang for Your Buck.
  • Chapter 7. Do your homework

    Research the Prospective Company
  • Chapter 8. Summary.

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