Author: Marek Juszczyński

Marek Juszczynski is the Head of Marketing at Piwik PRO and Clearcode. His areas of expertise include conversion optimization in e-commerce and B2B, as well as startup marketing. Apart from his every day duties he publishes web analytics and conversion optimization related articles on various blogs and web portals.

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Insider’s View: Ad Tech & MarTech Q&A with Niklas Nikolaidis
[Part 13]

2017-06-19 07:08:12 by Michael Sweeney

Multiculturalism brings with it a number of opportunities, such as access to specific skills and knowledge, economic growth, and a chance to learn about and discover other cultures - just to name a few. But for advertisers and marketers, multiculturalism also opens the door to a niche market - one that they can enter with […]

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